3 Ways To Tell If Your House Exterior Needs Repainting

3 Ways To Tell If Your House Exterior Needs Repainting

Does your house exterior need repainting?

You must think so, otherwise you would not be here, right?

Have you noticed your home is showing “it’s age”?  By that I mean, is the existing paint now dull, peeling, cracking and not as fresh looking as it was 8 to 10 years ago?  If so, now is the time to consider painting it yourself or having a professional painting contractor do it for you.

Does your home need to be repainted?  Here are the first things we look for when checking out the exterior paint of your home:

#1 – Is the paint “chalking”?  This is the first step in paint deterioration.  Click on this link to see how to check for chalking.

#2 – Are there areas on your home where your paint is peeling badly or beginning to peel?  If so, below is an example of what it may look like.  If this is familiar looking to you, then the sooner you begin your repainting project the better.

#3 – Do you see paint blisters on your siding like the ones in the below photo?  Yes?  Then you need to do thorough preparation on your exterior wood siding prior to painting.

Or, you may have recently moved into your home and you are simply wanting to change the exterior paint colors.  If so, check out our post on How to Choose Your Exterior House Paint Colors.  This information should be helpful when you are staring at 1,000s of paint chips!

Once you have looked over these steps and the helpful links, do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have.  Really, we don’t mind helping out!

Or, if you have now decided that this project may be too difficult for you to complete on your own, we are happy to help.

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