Alamo, CA. House Painting | Experienced House Painters | Reviews

Alamo, CA. House Painting | Experienced House Painters | Reviews

We are a Three Generation House Painting Company serving the wonderful cities of Alamo, Walnut Creek, Pleasant Hill and surrounding areas.

Our painting team recently completed a lovely home in the Alamo area.

Mr. G. called us early last Spring at the urging of his father who resides in Danville.  Once we had completed his fathers home, he was able to see for himself what an Experienced House Painting Team could do for his home too.

Exterior house painting | Alamo CA.
Exterior house painting in Alamo, CA.

Mr. G. then called us!

The exterior paint on his home had slight deterioration.  The side of his home which receives the most sun exposure was showing signs of paint chalking along with areas of bare wood due to peeling.

Like Mr. G., you too need to check your exterior house walls to see how your existing paint is holding up against the elements.

Read up on “Paint Chalking” and do you chalk test today!  Click here for a quick “How-To”And to Read a few of our Reviews!

Or call my husband, David, and he will check the exterior surfaces and recommend what painting services are needed.  With over 30+ years of experience, he knows just what products to recommend and also what products are a waste of your money!Contact Us Today!

Our Painting Services for this home included:

  • Pressure washing:  cleaning and removal of dirt and debris from all areas to be prepped and painted.
  • Full Exterior preparation:  scraping, sanding and priming of all peeling areas along with the filling of all holes and cracks and then a final application of wall conditioner.
  • Painting of Exterior walls, trim, soffits and doors with 2 coats of a Sherwin Williams paint product.

If you have had your home painted for 5+ years, now may be a good time to do a check on your exterior house surface.  If you notice chalking, peeling or simply an overall deterioration on your house, you may want to follow up that as soon as possible.

More often than not, the paint on your house exterior will last for over 10 years, but occasionally, the incorrect/ cheaper paint product has been used or faulty preparation was completed, therefore, deterioration often occurs quicker than expected.

Catch it early and pay much less for your next exterior house painting project!




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