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Chalking House Paint | House Painters | Pleasanton

The exterior paint of your home looks dull and chalky, otherwise it’s in pretty good shape.  Is it time to repaint?

~Here is how to check~

Our estimator David, is asked this question all the time.  One of the first things he needs to know is the age of your exterior paint.  If your most recent paint coating has been painted more than 10 years ago, then there is a fairly good chance that sun exposure has taken a toll on your painted stucco or wood siding.  Especially on the South and West facing walls.

Paint chalk rubs right off!
Paint chalk rubs right off!

In order for David to tell if this has happened, he takes the palm of his hand and rubs it across the exterior paint surface.  If a chalky powder comes off onto his hand or onto yours, then you know it is time to paint.

What is paint chalking?

As paint ages, UV sunlight deteriorates its surface and builds up a chalky powder residue.  Chalking is a natural process but one which degrades the chemicals that keep the paints coloring agents attached to the paints components.

Another natural substance which effects the paint surface is oxygen.  Oxidation occurs when it reacts with the binding elements of paint.

Both light and oxygen make your paints surface less bright and more porous.  Once it begins to chalk, rain and weather can remove the powder, leaving the paint on the outer surface thinner than it was before.

How do you take care of it?

Chalking is much easier to remedy than if your exterior house paint has already begun to blister or peel.  Along with a simple preparation process including a base application of a wall conditioner, it is also recommended that a cleansing pressure wash treatment is done.  This helps to remove the chalky powder and fully clean your exterior surface prior to repainting.

Note:  When choosing to repaint, use a high quality paint product which is less prone to chalking.

If your house exterior is only at the “Chalky” stage, now is the time repaint.  Once you wait to visually see blistering or peeling you have then added a longer preparation process and a higher estimate price to repaint your home.

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