Exterior house painting during Winter months | Tri-Valley CA

Exterior house painting during Winter months | Tri-Valley CA

Can exterior house painting be done during the Winter months?

It certainly can when you live in the Bay area and Tri-Valley cities!

Oddly enough, this is our favorite time of year to paint house exteriors.  Truly, let me explain why…

As a painting company, we consider our Winter months in this area to be November thru February.  Not so much due to lower temperatures, but due to the morning dew and “off and on” rains during this time of year.  While the temps cool down, it seldom reaches below 35 degrees (if ever, as you can see in the below diagrams), at least for any length of time.                           

That’s why we live in California, right!

During the summer months, especially July and August, temperatures easily reach into the high 80’s to low 90’s.  And it’s hot, really hot, when you are the painter!  So, during those late afternoons, we typically shut down operations by 2:00pm due to the newly painted surfaces drying over too quickly.  We prefer to allow the paint to dry from the inside out and to let our painters cool down too.

Tri-Valley Annual Weather
Tri-Valley Annual Temperatures

 It’s the DEW~

During these days of Winter, we do see dewy conditions in the early hours of the day.  On these days, we arrive late in the morning and begin to set out materials and setup the painting equipment.  This allows time for the dew to dry and also for the siding temperatures to reach above 45-50 degrees.

While most paint manufactures stand behind their guaranteed temp of 35 degrees, we tend to wait until the mornings reach 45-50 degrees.

And the rains~

Obviously, we do not paint during the rain, but we do pressure wash on rainy days!

Again, as you can see in the diagrams, we typically have little rain and no more than 4-6 days of rain a month.  That allows plenty of days for exterior house painting to be done during the Winter months.

But seldom the cold~

This is when living in California comes in handy…it’s just not cold enough for any length of time to be concerned about when to paint.  We take proper precautions at all times, during the Summer and Winter months to be certain that when we paint the exterior of your home, it is done well between recommended temperature guidelines.

Oakland Annual Temperatures
Oakland Annual Temperatures

Our products of choice include:  Sherwin Williams – Duration, Resilience, Super Paint, and A-100 paint products.  This link will also take you to the Sherwin Williams main website where your can read their paint product Lifetime, 25 year and 15 year manufacturer warranties.

“Can Exterior House Painting be done in the Winter months?”, is the question we are asked most often from November – January. I hope I have given a fairly good explanation from a California Painting Company.

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Summer or Winter, there is no need to wait for your Exterior House Painting~  We warranty ALL exterior projects at all times of the year, therefore, we only paint when the temperatures are best for the products we use.

In California, every Season is perfect, enjoy today!,

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  1. jabaughman says

    You are not alone. We are educating people every day when they call in thinking they are too late for exterior painting after October. We are now booked through Christmas and we anticipate working straight though w/out a problem. Well, maybe a few rainy days hear and there! But we also like days off!!

  2. Josie McHale says

    Who knew! I always thought that it’s the worse time of the year to hire a painter is during the winter months. Rain, dew, wet are just combinations that would be challenging, but it turns out that is better than managing the heat. Who knew. Thanks Judy!

  3. Hiromi says

    Interesting! I always thought spring/fall is the best time to paint and def. not in winter. But I guess it would be good to make your house look nice before holiday season starts!

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