Front door paint colors add curb appeal | home value | Pleasanton CA

Front door paint colors add curb appeal | home value | Pleasanton CA

Carefully chosen front door paint colors will always add curb appeal and value to a home~

Now that you have FINALLY chosen the exterior wall and trim colors for your home…don’t forget the door!

Your front door is the first thing visitors see when they arrive.  What better way to show them your personal style!  I think front door paint colors should always be an Accent Color, yes, even on your home.  If your home has 1 color painted on the walls and a 2nd color painted on the trim, why not add a 3rd color to accent your front door?  Say “Welcome”, in a boldly colorful way!

Violet painted front door

This is just one example:

When I saw this front entry, I just had to write something about it.  With its colorful foliage surrounding the front door, it’s almost impossible to not choose a matching color.

A violet door definitely draws out the colors of the Wisteria, which is very attractive. But another option would be to choose a color 2-3 shades darker, to really make it pop!

As you can see, the below medium and dark front door paint colors would have added a bit more drama, if that’s your style.  I definitely lean toward the dramatic,  just ask my painter/husband, David.

 But, if this were your home and a violet color would actually offend your senses, going with one of the green colors to accent the Wisteria would also be a very good and colorful choice.


Light | Medium | Dark
Light | Medium | Dark


Light | Medium | Dark

All accepted bids include color consultation, not only for walls and trim, but also for front door paint colors!

When applicable, be bold and dramatic!

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