Could Gold Plating Replace House Paint? | Pleasanton House Painters

Could Gold Plating Replace House Paint? | Pleasanton House Painters

Only at the Mahabodhi Buddhist Temple in India!

While we have NEVER EVER…EVER,  applied gold on ANYTHING, (can gold even pump through a spray gun or be dipped into with a paint brush?) for obvious reasons it makes the news when actual gold is being used instead of paint.

I doubt house paint was ever really considered anyway, don’t you?

But when 660 pounds of gold is being applied to the Temple Dome, it draws a crowd and our attention!

Mahabodhi Temple - The Golden Dome
Mahabodhi Temple – The Golden Dome

They should have called us at Legacy Painting Contractors to do the job.  We would have offered Sherwin Williams Humble Gold #6380″, but that may not have had enough glitz.  Hence the name.

Sherwin Williams - Humble Gold paint color
Temple Dome – 660 lbs. of Gold

“Anjou Pear #6381” – Nope.

Ceremonial Gold #6382 could have been good enough, but still highly unlikely.

But, it would have saved their supporters over 14,000,000.00.  Did I get the correct amount of zeros in there?  Yep, I counted twice!

While the cleansing and the gold plating has begun on this 15 foot Dome, it has also brought about a significant fear of gold thieves.

Therefore, during this gold plating process, there are numerous armed guards surrounding the town of Bodh Gaya, Bihar, keeping bystanders away.

But, there are many others making the choice to stay back~

While we are certain numerous people are extremely pleased by this “donation”, there are more than a few Buddhist scholars and the Dalai Lama himself, sharing in the criticism of this grand gesture.  These popular critics continue to renounce material wealth, and rather than plate gold on top of the Temple, they would rather plate food to help the poor and do other good works.

We tend to agree…

I think we would have recommended Sherwin Williams, “Golden Rule”, for obvious reasons!

So, if we are ever called upon for the painting of a Temple Dome, we will offer them the above advice.

Until then, we will stand beside the Dalai Lama & the “Golden Rule”!





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  1. Josie McHale says

    LOL … I agree. That’s a lot of GOLD being applied to the temple made possible through donations. EEK! I certainly would have called you guys and take that money to apply it to building homes for the homeless. 🙂 Just saying.

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