Metal Roof Painting Project | Pleasanton, Ca

Metal Roof Painting Project | Pleasanton, Ca

Metal roof painting projects don’t come along everyday, but when they do, it’s always a nice change of pace.

Our most recent roof painting project in Pleasanton, Ca. needed quite a bit of preparation prior to painting~

As you can see from the below photo, the original baked on color was rust.  It was repainted a tan color a few years later.  After 8 years of baking in the sun and possibly a lack of a full preparation of sanding and priming it began to peel in small patches…all over!

Metal roof painting
Metal roof -Before
Metal roof pressure washing
Metal roof pressure washing


After three days of washing, sanding and priming, David and Bob were ready to begin painting.  Using a Hi-Lift proved to be the best piece of equipment for this job.  The boom reached over the entire roof surface which then freed them up to easily move around the roof and not have to rope-off.  Always a “plus” when painting!

Metal roof sanding
Metal roof sanding









For priming purposes, our Sherwin Williams paint representative recommended we use “Uniflex Rust Inhibitive Primer -Product 36-520” and for the paint application he recommended “Uniflex Elastomeric Roof Coating-Product 650118003”.

Metal roof spray painting
Metal roof spray painting | Pleasanton CA
Last day of final touches!
Last day of final touches!







Five days, 42 gallons of primer and 36 gallons of paint later…finally done!

If you are wanting to paint a metal roof yourself (hopefully it’s a smaller version of 9,000 sq. ft.) we are happy to point you to the correct products and application process, but if you are thinking your metal roof or surface may be too large of a project for you to complete we are always available to give an estimate.

Questions and comments are always welcomed.  Please post them below~

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  1. jabaughman says

    It’s always better to hire it out! 😉
    Re: the guarantee- The products we used and that were recommended to us through Sherwin Williams are unable to be “backed-up” or relied upon at a later date. Reason being, the metal roof and typically all relatively flat surfaces are not guaranteed. Once they chose to have it painted years ago it looks like the previous painting company did not prepare the surface correctly so a few years later it began to peel. We would need to have sanded the entire surface and then apply primer over the entire surface and that was cost prohibitive for the building owner. Therefore, our goal was to sand and prime where peeling occurred and then apply 3-4 coats of paint over the entire roof surface for cosmetic reasons. We will also return every year to inspect the roof and do touch ups as needed. I hope this helps in answering your question, thank you for your comment!

  2. Josie McHale says

    You guys certainly know what you are doing. WOW! What a difference it makes to hire professionals to do the job done right to begin with. Thanks for posting!

  3. Hiromi says

    Wow, after reading the post, it looks like it is much better and easier to hire you than doing it myself!

    Do you guarantee it for a certain amount of time?
    How long would it last?

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