Recycle unused house paint in the Tri-Valley, East Bay areas

Recycle unused house paint in the Tri-Valley, East Bay areas

Recycle your unused house paint in the Tri-Valley and East Bay areas~

Now that you are finished painting the exterior or interior of your home, you have a little unused house paint, right?  Be certain to keep all you need for touch up paint…you’ll need it someday, trust us!  But if you have unused/old house paint just taking up space, recycle it at a location near you.

We opened up the mail in the office this morning and found a good resource for recycling unused house paint products in the East Bay, South Bay, and Tri-Valley areas.  California passed the recycling law in 2010 and now it has been enacted in 2012 through

Latex and Oil based paint:  The only safe way to dispose of these paints is to find a recycling station near you.

Paint Care website states:  “Drying latex paint is not allowed in California, and we always recommend using PaintCare drop-off sites in California or Oregon. In states that allow drying latex paint, let it dry in a safe location away from children and pets. Less than a half inch of paint will dry out easily when the lid is off. Larger volumes can be dried with absorbent material such as cat litter. Once it’s dry, dispose of the dried out latex paint as garbage. Air-drying of liquid oil-based (alkyd) paint is not considered safe.”

If you live in the Tri-Valley area, near us, some drop off points are:

1)  Kelly-Moore Paint Store:  4877 Hopyard Rd., Pleasanton  925-225-0224

Recycle unused house paint
Recycle unused house paint

2) Sherwin Williams Paint Store:  6309 Dougherty Rd., Dublin 925-551-8355

3) Kelly-Moore Paint Store:  3981 First St., Livermore 925-606-7048

4)  If you live in different California city you can find your closest drop off store at , call (855)724-6809 or check the below links for specific county locations.

Call ahead prior to dropping off your exterior house paint or interior house paint… each store has a limited amount they can accept at any given time.

If your nearest store is not accepting unused paint at this time click on the below link nearest you.  These waste stations state they too accept unused paint along with many other items.

Alameda County:

Contra Costa County:

Santa Clara County:

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