Shadow Stripes | Sheen Painting | Part 2 – Legacy Painting Contractors

Shadow Stripes | Sheen Painting | Part 2 – Legacy Painting Contractors

Interior Shadow Stripes and Sheen Painting are two wonderful ways to add depth and interest to your home.

They are also a very popular way of making a wall more beautiful without adding an accent color or expensive wallpaper to make that change.  By just adding a Higher-Gloss paint sheen on top of your Flat/Matte base coat you can create a whole new look!

These photos show a handful of different painting examples that would accent any wall in any room.  You will also notice that there is more to paint than just stripes!

Shadow Stripe Painting

The Stripes are actually the same color of paint, but the paint sheen for every other stripe is a higher gloss painted on top of a Flat/Matte finish.


Brown Stripes - Sheen Painting
Brown Stripes – Sheen Painting


  • Painters low tack tape or Frog Tape
  • High quality brush and roller
  • Two sheens of your chosen paint color
  • Plastic or tarps to protect your flooring
  • Level (3 ft.) for creating straight stripes.

Basic Directions:

Base coat of  Flat/Matte sheen:  Follow the same directions for painting your base coat as posted on “Sheen Painting”.  Once you have painted your wall surface according to the first step, you can then move on to the High Sheen application. *Option:  You may want to use a Eggshell Sheen paint instead of Flat/Matte if you would like a little more sheen with a little washability!

High Sheen Application:  Seldom does your wall have a straight corner, therefore, you want to use a level to create that FIRST High Sheen straight line.  Measure out your chosen line width from the corner out.  You can also measure out random widths…that would be fun!

Mark that width on your wall at eye level.  Place level onto mark vertically and level out your level!  Create your first vertical line, from ceiling to floor from that leveled mark.  Now measure out your chosen line width, mark it, and level out your second vertical line from ceiling to floor.  Now you have marked your FIRST complete Stripe ~ Congratulations!

But you have only just begun…continue marking all lines across the wall.  Once completed, you now need to take your Low Tack tape and line it up against the “outside” edges of each Stripe.  By doing this, you will see that the area between the taped lines is the Stripe itself.  When you have taped both sides of your line, be certain to press your finger along the inside of the tape, securing it tightly to the wall so the High Sheen paint will not seep underneath onto the Matte/Flat paint.

Sheen painting | Shadow Stripes
Sheen painting | Shadow Stripes

Apply the Higher Sheen paint within the taped lines.  Be careful to not overload your brush or roller with too much paint.  Apply only enough for full coverage.  Pull off tape after painting is completed.  Once removed you should have a beautiful  “Shadow Striped” wall!

As you can see, you can choose smaller lines as in the above photo…

OR YOU CAN GO BIG & WIDE or Diamond!

This is a great way to “decorate” your wall when you have chosen to not display pictures or decorative wall hangings.

I love the look, a little more relaxed~


Sheen Painting - Diamonds
Sheen Painting – Diamonds


If this is a Do-It-Yourself project you would like to try, we are happy to answer any questions you may have along the way.


Enjoy your Shadows & Sheens!





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