Chalkboard Paint Pumpkins

Chalkboard Paint Pumpkins

It’s that time of year when all things are “Halloween”,  and a little “Thanksgiving” too…

So what’s a house painter to do?  Chalkboard paint pumpkins, what else!

Well, maybe our house painters are not too interested in this, but their secretary is.  So let’s have a little fun~

Here are a few Pinterest samples of some good looking pumpkins.  Most are painted with black chalkboard paint, but there are many colors to choose from;  orange, pink, lime green, etc., so have a little fun this Halloween & Thanksgiving by adding a little paint!

Black Chalkboard Pumpkin
Black Chalkboard Pumpkin

I really like this one.

What a fun way to let everyone know what’s for dinner!

Quick and Easy directions:
Clean pumpkin with wet cloth and allow it to dry.  Apply by brush or spray on 2 coats of chalkboard paint.  Again, let it fully dry before using chalk.  Try some colored chalk too!

 … a few more samples below~ plus a few product choices


Chalkboard Pumpkins
Chalkboard Pumpkins

Photos via Better Recipes website


There are Brush-On paints and Spray-On paints and even Glow-In-The-Dark paints!

Photos (right) via TipJunkie website

 By the way, we paint more than pumpkins, so give us a call when you need an actual pumpkin house painting estimate.  We hand them out free of charge, just like candy!

A Painters Pumpkin
A Painters Pumpkin

Happy Halloween & Thanksgiving to Everyone~

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