Popular Interior House Painting Colors | Tri-Valley | Bay Area Painters

Popular Interior House Painting Colors | Tri-Valley | Bay Area Painters

Popular Interior House Painting Colors for 2014!

Bath paint colors
Charcoal Colored Bath

The new Black…Is Gray!

Charcoal, one of many popular Gray colors, can be used as the new “black” for ANY room in your home.

We are finding this silky color everywhere as it blends the right amount of chocolate, gray and a touch of green.  In this bathroom, it’s beautiful with gold, white and black accents!

Depending upon the undertone you choose, gray can vary greatly.  From cool to warm and comfy but it never has to look like a “Battleship”!!


2014 Color Choices
Sherwin Williams 2014 Gray/Accent Colors

Sherwin Williams Color Collection~

SW has pulled together a few Gray Colors along with a handful of muted accents.

I personally use bold colors sparingly, so this collection is “right up my alley”!  Notice the blue, green and brown undertones?  Not all grays are equal.

Gray is the perfect backdrop tho’ for 1 or 2 bold color choices in these below rooms.


Benjamin Moore has also paired their 2014 Color of the Year with Gray

Choice for 2014:  “Breathe of Fresh Air”

A beautiful accent color for their “Wolf Gray”

This link delves into the Gray/Charcoal colors just a little deeper and gives you a few more photos of Charcoal used in different settings.  Houzz:  Charcoal color guide

Gray is not what it used to be.  Today there are so many different undertones to choose from that you are certain to find a Gray that goes very well with your “fixed finishes”, such as flooring, tile, stone and countertops.

I hope this article has helped you to learn a little more about this versatile color.  If you have further questions, just give me a call!





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