Review Our House Painting or a great burger joint!

Review Our House Painting or a great burger joint!

Online Reviews?!?  Who needs ’em!  …well…your local house painters and everyone else for that matter!

I learned a huge lesson the other day~

I don’t spend much time on the computer if it’s not business related, therefore, I have never checked on local businesses, etc. to see their online reviews until last week.  While eating at a great hamburger joint, my guest typed in a good review for the service we received.  He asked if I had ever posted one…ahh, nope!  I can barely work my iPhone!

Google+ House Painting Reviews
Google+ House Painting Reviews

He then gave me a few online sources where he typically looks at reviews and also posts.  Indeed, it is a whole new world out there!  Yet incredibly helpful.  I recently got my work van smogged via a good review on Yelp, and she was right, they had fabulous service and were very helpful – that was money well spent!  Since then I have looked up other local businesses to see what people are “saying” and intend to visit them soon.

But it seems you have to take the good with the bad and come up with your own conclusions.  For instance, I really like this local place which I think has great burritos.  Others hated it because of the drinks they served, but I will stick with it and continue to order the mega burrito…and give them a good review too!  It all depends on what you are looking for.

You are the Judge…that’s the point.

So… for those of you who would like to post a comment about our house painting, feel free to do so at Google+, Thumbtack and Yelp at the links below.  If not for us, then post a great comment for your favorite burger joint…I just may visit there soon!

Now that I am getting the hang of this, helping other businesses isn’t as hard as once thought.

If we have done some painting for you, please feel free to post your Review.  We appreciate your opinion!


Legacy Painting Contractors:  Google+

Legacy Painting Contractors:  Thumbtack Review

Legacy Painting Contractors:  Yelp Review



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