Wall Murals and Textured Wallpaper for your Home

Wall Murals and Textured Wallpaper for your Home

Wall murals and Textured wallpaper, a thing of the past or a perfect “Get-Away” in your home~

There are times when a beautiful interior house paint color can give you that perfect “accent wall”.  But occasionally, you can sit in your favorite chair and let your “Wall” take you away.

Dandelion Wall Mural
Dandelion Wall Mural

While choosing a wall mural that compliments the interior of your home, you also want one that gives you a sense of excitement, relaxation, or one that brings back a wonderful memory.  The above Dandelion wall mural stretches my viewing across the wall. I continually look from the bottom left to the upper right of the wall as I watch the Dandelion seeds take flight!  There is no need to add pictures or other decorations when using murals.  In a way, this could be cost effective too for the budget-minded decorator ~ everybody loves that!

World Map Wall Mural
World Map Wall Mural

World Map Wall Murals

Of course, I would add Post-It notes all over this World Map wall mural with names of places I would love to travel to!  And since the notes would be yellow, I would have to add a few yellow pillows or flowers nearby to add a little color.  Or come to think of it, you could tap in horseshoe nails in place of Post-It notes and tie yellow twine from nail to nail…okay, maybe a little too much fun can be spent on this one.

Streets of Downtown Mural
Streets of Downtown
Main Street Mural
Main Street Mural

Cityscape wall murals

The wall murals to the right add height and give you a few good colors to draw from.  My personal fav:  Give a quick click on the Main Street Mural and take a walk…

 Personalized wall murals

Personalization is obviously one-of-a-kind, therefore, they add that special touch to your home.

Personalized Wall Mural
Personalized Wall Mural

While I don’t think I would choose one of my children as a “larger than life scene” (tho I do love them, dearly), I would like to have a wall mural  of a vintage family photo or of my parents ranch surrounded by their 75 acres.  Those would bring back sweet memories and maybe a little manure smell…hmmm!

White textured wallpaper
White textured wallpaper
Painted textured wallpaper
Painted textured wallpaper
Painted textured wallpaper
Painted textured wallpaper






Textured Wallpaper

If you are wanting something a little  more than just a brightly painted accent wall, add a little texture underneath.  Sometimes a room just needs that extra dimension. It’s also a great choice when you need to cover a wall with hairline cracks or patches.  Textured wallpaper can cover a multitude of problems!

 Here are a few Do-It-Yourself tips for generic wall mural/paper installation.

  • We recommend choosing a wall with limited reflective light when using murals.
  • Once the wall is chosen, remove all wall plates, lighting, etc.  Fill holes and cracks with spackling and sand until smooth.
  • Wipe all corners and wall surfaces with a lint free cloth.
  • Most mural installations will need to have a glossy surfaced wall sanded or primed to create a non-porous/non-slick surface.  We also recommend choosing a neutral colored prime/paint color so a contrast color is not seen through the mural.

Be certain to read the manufacturers directions and inspect your mural/wallpaper thoroughly prior to application.  On a rare occasion you may find a “run” on the paper.  Meaning, the print or texture has a missed area in it where the texture or print is missing.  Therefore, it is always a good idea to purchase an extra role of wallpaper…just in case.

We have posted a few links below that will take you to some Wall Mural and Wallpaper sites…enjoy!

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    Hello Tracy!
    I have been searching and realized I got it off Pinterest. Usually I double check the links to be certain they lead to the correct source but this one just leads to the image. I will delve farther into it and if I find it with an image search, I will let you know. Sorry for the misleading information…hopefully I can find that for you!

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    Could you please tell me where you got the dandelion wall mural from. It would look stunning in my lounge,

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