Union City House Painting | Exterior House Painters in Union City | CA

Union City House Painting | Exterior House Painters in Union City | CA

Improve your curb appeal with our Exterior House Painting Team in Union City.

Our team recently completed the exterior painting of a lovely home in Union City.  While Mr. J’s. home was in fairly good shape to begin with, it did have some areas of chalking that needed some professional attention prior to paint application.

Painting your home at this “Early Chalking Stage”, is much cheaper than when peeling occurs.

Exterior painting services for this home included:

  • House Painting in Union City
    Union City House Painting Service

    Full cleaning treatment/power washing of roof, walls, trim and doors.

  • Extra care taken to clean and seal paint chalk.
  • Caulking and patching as needed.
  • Replacement of rotten/damaged chimney siding.
  • Application of exterior primer and house paint.

 Do a Chalk Test today and see what comes off on your hand!

After time, many house exteriors have some amount of paint chalk on the walls.  When taking your hand and rubbing it across the wall surface,  if a paint residue now shows on your hand — it’s a good time to repaint.

Medium chalking of exterior house paint.
Medium chalking of exterior house paint.

By having the chalk removed and adding a fresh coat of paint, you have now added greater longevity to your painted surface for a much cheaper cost.

Once you have waited for your home to show medium to large amounts of chalking or peeling and cracking, the cost of paint preparation increases significantly!

If you have further questions or concerns about  “Chalking”, don’t hesitate to contact us…sooner than later!




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