Lafayette Exterior House Painting | Local Interior House Painters

Lafayette Exterior House Painting | Local Interior House Painters

Lafayette exterior house painting ~ A good opportunity for us to work close to home and to work for a BOLD homeowner.

Of course, anything in the Tri-Valley area is close enough for us, but we always jump at the chance for painting in Lafayette!

Our most recent exterior house painting included a BOLD color choice by Mr. and Mrs. T.

Full Exterior House Painting in Lafayette
Full Exterior House Painting

They chose a deep blue color over their previous brown/beige.  And what a difference it made!

For most people, this is a gutsy paint color choice in their neighborhood.  But this gray/blue was perfect for their surroundings.

With a dark roof color and deep green bushes along the front on their home ~ it turned out to be the neighborhood “Gem”.

When you have a single story home designed with a smaller amount of wall surface separated by windows, entry, and a garage door, using bold colors can be a good decision when it is also broken up by trim/accent colors.

If this had been a larger two story home, this bold color choice may not have looked as good.  Many larger homes do not have the correct design elements to pull it off.  Instead, it would tend to look like one big large blue block…a neighborhood eyesore.  For help in choosing exterior house paint colors, check out my article   “Tipping the Odds”.

As you can see in the above photos, Mr. and Mrs. T. also chose to paint their soffits the same color as their eaves (roof trim). This was an excellent decision!  When you have a dark paint color on your walls it is almost always more aesthetically pleasing to have a light color on the underside.

The bright white soffits not only create a larger separation between the dark walls and white trim, but it also allows for reflective lighting to bounce back into the front windows.  If they had been painted the darker color, the soffits would have projected a heavier and lower ceiling entrance and not one that would have been as appealing to look at.

Well, as you can see, we truly enjoyed getting to know Mr. and Mrs. T. and being a part of their finished exterior house painting project.  One more “Gem” has been added in Lafayette!

Always looking forward to adding some color,

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