How to Choose Exterior House Paint Colors | Pleasanton

How to Choose Exterior House Paint Colors | Pleasanton

Choosing new exterior house paint colors is not an easy job, but maybe we can help tip the odds in your favor.  While we are not paint color experts, we have learned a thing or two along the way.

Warning:  The better way of choosing paint colors may take a little time to do correctly, so please don’t think you can do this in one sitting while at your local paint store or by scanning though magazines during your lunch break at work.  You need to take time to consider a few of these tips, if not all of them, before choosing your very first color.

Believe it or not, I am trying to have this “experience” be a positive one and not one you will be regretting over the next 8-12 years

Beach house

Let me explain a typical situation:  You are EXCITED to finally get your house painted. Yay!  You have in mind a color scheme that you have seen on a nearby house.  Each time you drive by you think, “I LOVE that LOOK, I want that on my house too!”

You now try to recall those colors (well, at least they are close, right?), you grab your car keys and maybe a magazine or two with photos of Cape Code homes with those Beachy colors you have always been drawn to (these could be a good 2nd choice!)… and off to the paint store you go.  See, that only took you 5 minutes to get ready to choose something that just may last 10 years or longer ~ and for all to see.

Yes, everyone…every…single…family memberfriendneighboreveryone.  You may have chosen the exact same colors you loved so well, but, were they the correct colors for YOUR home?

I may have put a damper on your EXCITEMENT for now, but wait a few minutes and you will be ready to go once again!

Improved approach:  You are excited and ready to pick out your colors, but first things first before you grab your keys.  You take about 10 minutes to step outside to your curb and jot down a few notes.  After all, that’s where your new colors will be seen, right?

Color Wheel of 1,000 Colors
Paint Wheel of 1,000 Colors

You ask yourself these questions while still at home and not while in the paint store standing in front of  the  “Paint Wheel of 1,000 Colors” displayed directly in front of you.  I think we have all been there at least once.  That was the first time we realized there were over 100 colors for what we thought was “basic” white!

Got your pencil?  Here we go!

What are your Fixed Elements?  Let’s find out~

  1. What is your roof color?  Brown, Black, 50 Shades of Grey?
  2. If you have brick or stone on your home, you also need to take those colors into consideration.
  3. What color are your windows?  If vinyl, they are fixed, if wood, then they are not fixed and can be painted.
  4. What style is your home, Traditional, Modern, Victorian, etc.?
  5. We also advise looking at the homes which surround your home.  What colors are they?  You may want to be certain that your home color will not match too closely to your neighbors but blend in and add to the beauty of the surrounding neighborhood.
  6. Landscaping is also an important fixed element unless you plan on freshly landscaping your home.  Take note of the flowering shrubs, flowers and trees that change color. 

This is just Part 1 of “How to Choose Exterior House Paint Colors”.  For a more in-depth look into these 6 questions, please continue on to Part 2!

Happy Choosing!

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  1. Nathan says

    Interesting point about blending the landscaping colors in with your new color scheme. That’s not something we typically consider, but I’ll be glad to point that out to customers now. Thanks!

  2. Josie McHale says

    Sigh. I know when I had to pick my colors for the exterior paint job that was done to my home over 2 years ago, I was overwhelmed! But this really helps me narrow it down. Thanks for posting Judy!

  3. Hiromi says

    We eventually want to paint our house… We walked around our neighborhood and looked at houses in the same style. We think it will go well with our roof and houses around us, too. I guess we had the right idea!

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